Chef Johannes Makes Weiner Schnitzel – Delicious!

Chef Johannes is an expert in Wiener Schnitzel.  It is an wonderful meal to end your day in beautiful Palm Springs.  Many people come to the restaurant on Indian Canyon and Arenas Street and order the Wiener Schnitzel with a salad, soup or appetizer.   The following is a review from Tripadvisor from a customer:

“We ordered a chicken schnitzel and what they call a kobe burger. The schnitzel was huge, freshly made and delicious and the plate looked really wonderful. The kobe burger was beyond my expectations: forget about what you know about a burger: this is really a great chopped steak in burger shape,served on a bed of stringbeans with this incredible mushroom sauce.The meat was perfectly seasoned. and, if that isnt enough, it came with a huge glass of freshly made crispy french fries.

My companion and I kept eating off each other’s plate. we figured that we would have to take home some of the food the portions were so generous but there was nothing for us to take home except and empty plate. we were too full for dessert but i noticed that the incredbile and unusual chocolate mousse is back on the menu. It is worth a trip to have that and the organic brussel sprouts salad!. It is so great to have pleasant food memories about a restaurant, return to the restaurant and be thrilled all over again. No question that we will dine there again as soon as we are able.”